Pet Diagnostics in Citrus Heights, CA

Diagnosing what’s going on inside our pets is a vital step toward ensuring they lead long, joy-filled lives.

With cutting-edge pet diagnostics, we at Mercy Pet Hospital Citrus Heights are able to identify internal problems early on, paving the way for more effective treatments and significantly boosting the quality of life for your cherished companions.

We’ve been alongside countless pet owners just like you, offering peace of mind through precise diagnoses and creating treatment plans specifically for each pet’s needs. Trust us as your allies in your pet’s healthcare journey—because here, we treat them like family too.

Our Pet Diagnostic Services

We offer a comprehensive range of pet diagnostic services at Mercy Pet Hospital Citrus Heights to ensure your furry friends receive the professional care they need.


Radiographs help our veterinarians evaluate your pet’s bones and muscles, heart and lungs, urinary and reproductive systems, and gastrointestinal tract. We routinely obtain the input and opinion of board-certified radiologists to ensure the highest quality in evaluating the radiographs of your pet. Digital dental radiographs also allow our veterinarians to ensure that they get all of the information available in regards to your pet’s oral health and can recommend the appropriate treatment.


This non-invasive, state-of-the-art technology uses sound waves to painlessly examine your pet’s internal organs, including the heart, liver, spleen, kidneys, pancreas, and bladder. Ultrasound services, in conjunction with a board-certified cardiologist and radiologist, are available by appointment.

In-House Lab

We have state-of-the-art in-house diagnostic machines available to give our veterinarians critical information regarding your pet’s health in order for them to correctly guide treatment and care for your pet.

Outside Lab

We work with an outside lab to process samples to provide a large array of testing to allow our veterinarians access to the best and latest laboratory information to better care for and treat your pet.


Cardiology services, in conjunction with a board-certified cardiologist, are available by appointment.

Benefits of Professional Pet Diagnostics

Early Detection of Health Issues

Early intervention is essential for effective treatment and can significantly improve the outcome for dogs and cats with underlying conditions. Our comprehensive range of diagnostic tests supports this approach by providing us with detailed insights into your pet’s health status.

This commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology ensures we stay on top of any developments concerning your pet’s condition as quickly as they arise.

Tailored Treatment Plans

At Mercy Pet Hospital Citrus Heights, we understand that every pet is unique.

Their specific conditions require individualized attention and care strategies. Utilizing the advanced diagnostic tools in our in-house lab, we’re able to gather essential information about your pet’s health condition quickly and accurately.

This detailed understanding allows us to develop a customized plan that addresses your pet’s specific needs.

Peace of Mind for Pet Owners

We understand how much your pets mean to you. That’s why we at Mercy Pet Hospital Citrus Heights focus on providing comprehensive diagnostic services that aim for early detection and accurate diagnosis of any health issues your furry friends may face.

For pet owners, this translates into peace of mind knowing that their beloved animals are receiving the best care possible, guided by detailed information about their health status from our trusted team.

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