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Your Veterinarian in Citrus Heights, CA

Unparalleled Veterinary Care for Animals

The Mercy Mission: At Mercy Pet Hospital, we take pride in our commitment to providing you with customized veterinary care.

Our veterinarian in Citrus Heights welcomes you to Mercy Pet Hospital. We’re a tight-knit group of passionate, highly trained veterinary professionals (and bona fide animal lovers!) who strive to bring our community the best of what modern-day veterinary care can offer. Our Citrus Heights vet staff is on a mission to help all pet patients enjoy long, happy, and healthy lives.

Mercy Pet Hospital is a full-service veterinary clinic serving pets and their human families from the greater Sacramento County area, including Citrus Heights, Fair Oaks, Folsom, and Orangevale. We treat and care for pets of all ages and sizes, including dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens.

We can’t wait to get to know your beloved companion and witness the special bond you share!

Veterinarian in Citrus Heights, CA

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Veterinarian in Citrus Heights, CA

The staff at this pet hospital are wonderful all around. They take time to talk to you about your pet, what costs and what options you have for treatment. Their prices are reasonable and I never feel like I'm being sold something more. I finally have found a place to take my pet where we are comfortable.

Kim C.

They are always welcoming and know us and our dog by name. Very personable staff and clean/friendly environment.

Shawnn E.

Just love everyone at Mercy Pet Hospital. Every person makes you feel welcome and cares about your pet. Our dogs just had their teeth cleaned and I had a nice call from the Dr letting me know how they were doing after the procedure.

Shelli P.

They're so helpful there, I have 5 dogs and all needed vacines and nails trimned. One dog had tooth infection, one dog had ear infection, that had to be treated. They worked with me on costs and treatments. So all my babies are taken care of and happy now.

Tina R.

Why We’re Different

We offer cutting-edge, compassionate care that is fully customized to meet the unique wellness needs of your animal. Customization is key because it helps us avoid unnecessary tests and procedures that could cause unnecessary distress for your animal (and incur unnecessary expenses for you).

We also believe that quality and affordability go hand-in-hand. We aim to make all your pet’s wellness services as cost-effective as possible while ensuring your pet still receives the highest standard of care.

We’re dedicated to being your partner in your pet’s health and always strive to optimize the safety and well-being of your beloved animal companion.

Pet Wellness Services—Right in Your Citrus Heights Neighborhood

From your pet’s first years to their later years, our dedicated team is here to help them stay happy, healthy, active, energized, and pain-free. To do this, we offer a diverse range of diagnostic, preventive, and therapeutic services and techniques.

Emergency Care

If your pet needs critical or urgent care during regular business hours, our veterinary team has the advanced training and technologies necessary to stabilize, treat, and care for your animal. For pet emergencies after hours, we proudly recommend and collaborate with several local emergency vet hospitals available 24/7.

Wellness Care

Routine pet wellness care may include a physical exam, blood work, and imaging tests. We generally recommend routine wellness visits once a year for most animals, although your pet’s specific care plan may differ.

Wellness care allows us to take a proactive approach to your pet’s health. For example, we can screen for inherited or acquired conditions that may not be easy to spot. Routine visits also ensure your pet remains up-to-date on preventive medications and vaccines and gives you the opportunity to establish a relationship with providers you can trust.

Senior Pet Wellness

We love senior pets!

Senior animals are more at risk for chronic diseases like heart disease, joint pain, cancer, obesity, and periodontal disease. Unfortunately, many of these conditions can impair your pet’s quality of life in their golden years.

Help your pet age gracefully with specialized senior pet care from our Citrus Heights veterinarian team. All our diagnostic and therapeutic services are provided in a calming and welcoming environment to promote your older pet’s comfort. Whether your animal needs dental work, medication, or even dietary supplements, we’ll work closely with you to create a unique care plan that will help them stay more energetic, mobile, and pain-free.

Pet Microchipping

Pet microchipping is an innovative veterinary technology that has helped reunite thousands of animals with their human families. At Mercy Pet Hospital, we recommend HomeAgain, a highly-respected pet recovery company that helps return a lost pet to its family every 6 minutes!

A pet microchip is a device (almost the size of a grain of rice) that we implant just beneath your pet’s skin. You can’t see this microchip, and your pet can’t feel it, either. The device acts like a permanent identification tag and makes it easier to reconnect with your pet should it ever go missing.

The microchip is digitally linked to a database that securely stores your contact information. If your pet goes missing and is later surrendered to another vet clinic or animal shelter, the staff can scan your pet for a microchip. Once activated by the scanning device, the microchip will send a signal to the HomeAgain database registry. You’ll receive an alert that your pet has been found.

Pet Surgery

Our board-certified veterinarians perform a range of emergency and routine surgeries for pets, including spay and neuter and teeth extractions. We use state-of-the-art equipment and advanced techniques to monitor your pet closely under anesthesia and operate with the utmost precision and care. We’re happy to answer your questions about pet surgery, including how to care for them before and after surgery.

Specialty Services

From pet acupuncture to advanced diagnostics, we offer specialty veterinary services in collaboration with a network of highly trained providers from the greater Sacramento area.

Veterinarian in Citrus Heights, CA

Call Our Citrus Heights Vet Team Today

To connect with an experienced veterinarian in Citrus Heights, CA, and to schedule an appointment, call Mercy Pet Hospital now at 916-723-3456. You can also fill out our online form for any questions or non-urgent concerns about the vet services we offer.

Our Philosophy is Simple:

We Put Pets (And Their Human Families) First

We have a few simple beliefs about veterinary care:

  • Pet parents shouldn’t have to choose between quality and affordability. We strive to eliminate the barriers between you and the timely, trustworthy veterinary care you want. That’s why we’re proud to offer things like same-day appointments, a flexible schedule, a convenient location, an online pharmacy, online appointment requests, and affordable payment options. We also accept several major pet insurances!
  • Excellent care should be the expectation—not the exception. We’re committed to being the best veterinary providers in the greater Citrus Heights area and continually seek ways to advance our clinical training, skills, and service offerings. All our services are provided in a spacious, clean, and calming environment to make your visits with us as stress-free as possible. As a caring pet parent, you deserve a team that cares, too!
  • Pets are family. We treat you and your beloved animal with the same amount of respect and dignity that we’d want for our own loved ones. We also honor your role as your pet’s best advocate and will do everything we can to help you make informed choices about your pet’s health and wellness needs.